The 47th Kingdom
The Colockum Fault 2015

Okanagon Pine 2015

Gold Mountain, Lake Tipsoo 2015

Tide's Bridge, Seahurst 2015

Baker Glacier Overlook 2015

Puget Sound Crop Circle 2015

Snoqualmie Goldenfog 2015

Wenatchee Fireants 2015

Tahoma Bluebush 2015

Alki Beach Inkwell 2015

The 47th Kingdom is my imaginary tale of landscape photographs taken across Washington State, which sits between the 45th and 49th parallels (Seattle sits at the 47th parallel). By interjecting these black and white landscapes with pops of neon colors, I explore shape and color while toying with the notions of fact and fiction.

I feel that photography is -and has always been- about embracing technology, and while I have utilized a smartphone and other digital mediums for this series, my methodology is grounded in photography's historical practices. My coloring techniques mirror the historic process of hand coloring black and white film at the turn of the 20th century, while the format of the photos is a nod to the square reflex film cameras popular in the 1950's (as well as current popular photography).

Offering a twist on traditional landscape photography, these colorized images are printed in my studio as limited edition archival inkjet prints. Purchase Prints at my store.

This series was inspired by South Park Art's Art Under 100 holiday party and art market. In its 11th year, this juried art market challenges Seattle artists to create original art that they can sell for under $100. I will be selling at this year's event along with some of Seattle's finest visual artists at the Seattle Design Center on December 12, 2015, 2pm-8pm. And, Seattleites: there's FREE PARKING! Come say hi and collect some original and affordable art from Washington artists.